24Hr Accident Helpline provides vehicles based upon the circumstances of the accident, the customers individual requirements and need for a hire vehicle. As long as the accident is not your fault you are entitled by law to recover all your costs and expenses from the at fault drivers insurance and be put back in the same position as you were before the accident happened.

If you have only third party insurance cover then you can be responsible for paying for everything after an accident up front, however if you call 24Hr Accident Helpline, 24Hr Accident Helpline would cover the outlay of those costs for you and provide you with full services such as a: Courtesy Car / Hire Car, Vehicle Damage Claim, Vehicle Repair / Recovery. All at no cost to you.

24Hr Accident Helpline have their own fleet of taxi & private cars that are regularly updated every year. We currently hold 18 plate cars that are both Petrol, Diesel & Hybrid cars.

24Hr Accident Helpline provide a like for like Replacement vehicle until you receive your cheque and funds are cleared, this is all at no cost to you. There are other benefits in not claiming on your own policy, Compass give you the choice to appoint your own repair centre, we ensure you are provided with an appropriate vehicle for the time your own vehicle is off the road, and not claiming on your own policy can protect your no claims bonus and saves money of policy excess payments. 24Hr Accident Helpline also instructs independent vehicle engineers to value vehicles should they be written off, as this ensures correct valuation of your vehicle.

If you would like a same day replacement vehicle, please contact us now on: 0800 689 1964