Head Injuries

Minor injuries involving no or minimal brain damage up to £9,700. Injuries involving minor brain damage where a good recovery has been made but symptoms such as poor concentration and memory problems continue, up to £32,700

Neck Injuries

Severe: Neck injury associated with incomplete paraplegia or resulting in permanent spastic quadriparesis. In the region of £112,750.

Moderate: Injuries such as fractures or dislocations which cause severe immediate symptoms and which may necessitate spinal fusion. £19,000 to £29,250

Minor: Where a full recovery takes place within a period of about one to two years. In the region of £3,300 to £6,000

Shoulder Injuries

Serious dislocated shoulder causing pain in shoulder and neck, aching in elbow, weakness of arm and hand from £9,700 to £14,600.

Moderate injuries e.g frozen shoulder causing limitation of movement and discomfort for up to two years £6,000 to £9,700.

Minor injury, e.g. soft tissue damage causing considerable pain but recovery almost complete within one year up to £3,300.

Back Injuries

Severe: Cases of the most severe injury involving damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to a combination of very serious consequences not normally found in cases of back injury. £69,200 to £122,350

Moderate: Disturbance of ligaments and muscles giving rise to backache. £9,500 to £21,100

Minor: Examples: Sprains, Strains and soft tissue injuries. Up to £9,500

Arm Injuries

Serious fractures where there is significant or permanent disability from £29,800 to £45,500.

Serious fractures with good recovery or good expected recovery £14,600 to £29,000.

Simple fractures to the Forearm. £5,000 to £14,600

Elbow Injuries

Severely disabling injury from £29,800 to £41,675. Injuries leading to impaired function but no major surgery or significant disability from £11,900 to £24,350.

Moderate or minor injury e.g. simple fractures, or tennis elbow, with no permanent damage or impairment of function up to £9,575.

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been injured. Our advisors are here 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to guide you through your claim & to give you regular updates regarding your accident once you give us more information on what happened ect.

Wrist Injuries

Significant or permanent disability £18,625 to £29,800, less severe disability or pain and stiffness from £9,575 to £18,625.

Hand Injuries

Severe fracture to fingers with partial amputations resulting in deformity, impairment of grip, reduced function up to £47,050. Loss of index finger up to £14,250.

Fractures with impairment of grip from £11,000 to £22,050. Loss of middle finger £11,875. Serious injury to ring or middle fingers £11,300 to £12,425.

Loss of terminal phalanx of ring or middle fingers from £2,900 to £5,750. Amputation of little finger from £6,350 to £9,000. Loss of part of little finger where tip is sensitive from £3,000 to £6,000.

Fracture of one finger with complete recovery (dependant on recovery time) up to £3,600. Loss of thumb from £27,000 to £41,675. Severe dislocation of thumb, £3,000 to £5,150.

Pelvis or Hip Injuries

Severe: Extensive fractures of the pelvis involving, for example, dislocation of a low back joint and a ruptured bladder, or a hip injury resulting in spondylolisthesis of a low back joint with intolerable pain and necessitating spinal fusion. £59,600 to £99,550

Moderate: Significant injury to the pelvis or hip but any permanent disability is not major and any future risk not great. £20,200 to £29,800

Minor: Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery. Up to £3,000

Knee Injury

Torn cartilage or meniscus, dislocation, ligamentous damage; injuries resulting in minor instability or weakness from £11,275 to £19,900.

Lacerations, twisting or bruising injury with complete recovery, up to £4,650. Ongoing symptoms e.g aching/discomfort/occasional pain, up to £10,450.

Leg Injuries

Simple fracture with full recovery up to £6,925. Severe leg injuries including simple fracture of femur, up to £10,350. Fractures where recovery is incomplete from £13,650 to £21,100.

Foot / Ankle Injuries

Severe injury, long period of treatment, long period in plaster and some permanent disability (limited walking ability etc) from £23,000 – £38,050.

For fractures and ligamentous tears resulting in moderate disability up to £22,220.

If you have made it to the bottom of this page, We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been injured. Our advisors are here 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to guide you through your claim & to give you regular updates regarding your accident once you give us more information on what happened ect.

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